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"Phantom Lass" starring Hannah Perez

When a mysterious super-criminal threatens to poison the city's water supply, its up to Phantom Lass to find the villain and bring them to justice. The trail leads the super heroine to a warehouse where she encounters the foul smelling fiend, Madame Perfuma, who proves to be no match for Phantom Lass. However, Phantom Lass is unprepared to deal with the super villainess secret weapon which leaves the heroine soaked and incapacitated. Madame Perfuma doesn't hesitate to take advantage of the heroine weakened situation by delivering a vicious beating to her foe. Phantom Lass is pummelled with punches to her breasts and parts of her costume ripped before Madame Perfuma delivers her last humiliating blow. What perils lie ahead for the super heroine? Find Out!

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